Happy Habits: Roadmap to Living Boldly

✔ Discover your Motivation Path - Discover your intrinsic motivators and gain clarity on what direction to take your life based on your values and definition of success. Find your 'zone' and intentionally seek out purpose-driven and fulfilling work.
Build your Ability Profile - Understand how to optimize your innate strengths and discover what you actually need to build a personal and professional life that fuels you.
Develop your Strategic Success Playbook - Become clear on what key milestones, support systems, and processes you need to consistently execute to gain traction and experience results. Gain trust and self-confidence in knowing you can achieve bold goals!

Happy Habits helps you identify:
How to discover your intrinsic motivators.
How to gain clarity on your strengths and your definition of success.
How to utilize your strengths on a daily basis.
How to build your personal brand.
How to consistently communicate your value.
How to consistently execute on milestones that are motivating.
How to establish the habits you need to achieve a career bursting with impact.

Starts March 22, 2022
7:00pm-8:30pm ET
Six - 90 min. virtual sessions
One -1:1 with Caitlin

Special Offer: $1900
(Valued at $3000)

“Caitlin is truly gifted at seeing the depth and completeness of an individual, she translates that into operational insight. She helped me build a new mindset that focused on what I do best.”
-Client testimonial

"Caitlin has helped me understand what I’m good at, what I need work on, but most importantly what fires me up! I sincerely believe that I have become a better leader since benefiting from Caitlin’s coaching and support this past year.”
-Client Testimonial

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Connecting Purpose to Profession

Discover how to align your values and talents to work that matters.

Starts February 1, 2022
7:00pm-8:15pm ET
6-75 min. virtual sessions
Bonus (valued at $700)”
1:1 with Caitlin Johnson AND
1:1 with Co-Facilitator Gino Perrotte

Special Offer: $1900 
(Two expert facilitators at a value of $6000!)

"You both have given me the words that I lack. And our dialogues about leveraging past experiences and how to live out my vision was unexpected and so, so valuable. It's serendipity and hard to find!"
-Client testimonial

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40 Weeks to 40 

Follow me on my path to 40 as I progress through 40 weeks of health and wellness goals.

My ultimate goal is to complete a half Ironman on October 15 in 6 hours and 45 minutes. I completed this same Ironman in 2019 in 7 hours and 11 minutes. As part of this quest, I'll be initiating monthly challenges - Follow me, join in, and together we'll work towards a healthy year-end!

Coming February 13


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