Bolding Becoming 
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One Time Payment: $597.00
Payment Plan: Three(3) Installments of $199.00

What you'll experience during the program:
Starts September 7; 7:00-8:30pm ET

✔ 6-week course
✔ Weekly 90-minute virtual group coaching sessions
✔ Key activities and exercises to help you ask the right questions to identify and optimize your strengths
✔ Purpose-driven brainstorming and planning sessions
✔ Development of action planning strategies integrated with a habit-forming, behavior-changing process backed by world-class science


Bold-Bird Community
Access to a community of individuals who are on a similar path as you, where you can network, ask questions, and support each other as you build purpose-driven lives.

Lifetime Access
Get lifetime access to your coaching materials so you can refresh and review as needed.

Outcomes of the workshop:

✔ Walk away fully understanding your unique strengths and the value you offer.
✔ Clarity on how to optimize your strengths and how to incorporate them into your personal and professional life resulting in a life that energizes and fuels you.
✔ Confidently know what direction to take your life to feel fulfilled and successful.
✔ Development of a strategy to help you gain traction on your goals and future success.
✔ Understanding of a proven execution process to help you consistently achieve success.
✔ A clear path towards achieving your purpose and meaning in life.
✔ Trust and self-confidence in yourself that you can and will achieve bold goals!


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