"At Bold-Bird, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to live the life they imagined, by deliberately crafting their personal terms for success and infusing them into work that matters."

-Founder, Caitlin Johnson



At Bold-Bird, our mission is to embolden others to rise above the daily grind and access the desire to live intentionally, purposefully, and without regrets by coaching how to optimize your strengths, identify achievable goals, and how to implement a simple, fun (yep!) strategy to support habit-building success.

Looking to feel purpose, value, and meaning in your life, both personally and professionally?

Want to pursue inspiring goals but not sure how to achieve them with everything else going on?

Hoping for that
'one day' you'll actually enjoy what you do every day?

Have you recently thought to yourself: 
"There has got to be more to life than this!"

We spend over half of our lives away from our families and personal passions as we navigate through endless professional chutes and ladders. Then once we are home, we spend our personal time recuperating from work exhaustion that is stressful and, at many times, feels pointless.

As we progress through life, our energy is depleted and we are unable to apply the same rigor that we use while clocked in, to invest in our personal fulfillment. As a result, we are constantly de-prioritizing our own well-being, passions, existence, and personal success at the expense of “work.”

One day, we wake up realizing we are missing out on truly living life.
We reminisce on what we could have achieved if only we took a more active role in problem-solving, innovating, and navigating our own personal chutes and ladders.

At Bold-Bird, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to live the life they imagined, by deliberately crafting their personal terms for success and infusing them into work that matters. We create tailored coaching programs to help individuals recognize and leverage their unique strengths so that they can transform those talents into successful career and personal opportunities.

It's time to focus on you! It's time to identify what purpose, value, and meaning look like to you.
You can achieve happiness and success in your life, even in the face of your current life demands.

pssst: And it's not by working harder. 

Now you are probably thinking:
"Well, how do I figure this out?  How do I get started?"


Take the Happy Habits: Pursuing a Life You Imagined workshop 

Enroll for the Spring 2022 Cohort!

Do you see yourself in one or more of these scenarios?

You are burnt out and feeling lost. You are ready to discover who you really are. You want to feel fulfilled. You've been working too hard and feel exhausted most days. Your energy seems to be going to the wrong places. You want to feel purpose, value, and meaning.

You are in the right place! How do we know? We have been in your shoes!

This workshop will guide you to intentionally create a life that energizes and fulfills you.


By completing the Happy Habits: Pursuing a Life You Imagined workshop, you will: 



Discover Your Motivation Path - Dig deep!

Tap into your intrinsic motivators and gain clarity on what direction to take your life based on your values and definition of success.

 Find your 'zone' and intentionally seek out purpose-driven and fulfilling work.


Build Your Ability Profile - Get realistic!

Understand how to optimize your innate strengths and discover what you need to build a personal and professional life that fuels you.

Work through strategic exercises and activities to identify actionable opportunities and successful habits. 



Develop Your Strategic Playbook - Take action!

Become clear on key milestones, support systems, and processes you need to consistently execute to gain traction and experience results.

Experience trust and self-confidence in knowing you can achieve bold goals and live a life you always imagined!

Are you are ready to take the next step forward in creating a life with value and meaning, on your terms?

You are here for a reason! This is huge! Get excited! It feels pretty darn good to take action, doesn't it?




Happy Habits Workshop


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A Master Certified Performance Coach with over 15 years of experience specializing in:

   ❈ Performance Improvement
   ❈ Goal Achievement
   ❈ Execution Management
   ❈ Engagement through Gamification


In simple terms, we help you identify your strengths with a science-backed process and then help you achieve the life you always imagined with proven motivating and consistent processes. 


Successfully coached over 70,000 global leaders! 

Through performance improvement and behavioral-based exercises and activities, we guide you towards asking the right questions and developing sustainable solutions to the life you always imagined.

Coaching is key to rising above the daily grind to live intentionally and purposefully in order to live the life you imagined. 



"I was honestly lost before Caitlin came into my life. She helped me identify small tasks that I could do week to week to build a solid foundation for myself. I felt her guiding hand push me in all the right directions. 
I honestly have taken away so much more from the course because of the depth of hands-on work Caitlin sets up for you."


"Caitlin was everything that I didn’t know I needed. She has truly become an asset to me and played an instrumental part in my ability to goal set and achieve my goals successfully. Learning how to identify and maximize my strengths has been so helpful as an entrepreneur and freelancer and I can’t imagine living my life without Caitlin and her guidance. She is truly gifted with helping people execute and achieve their goals. As an entrepreneur that equates to more money, so why wouldn’t you hire her?!"

- d'Arquoia





Take courageous actions to truly get to know who you are. Discover your purpose and how to optimize your talents in order to make a difference in this world. Intentionally craft a life fueled by your strengths.


Embrace the growth mindset and open the opportunity to expand your experiences and strive to learn how to live your best life.


Allow for your true authenticity and vulnerability to guide and refine your potential. Gracefully accept yourself for who you are and work through challenges and clumsy moments in life.


Welcome acceptance.  Embracing everyone's unique journey and path to discovery. Kind-hearted inclusion and affirmation that you are stronger than you know and have so much to offer. 


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